All our products are organic (bees and queens included).

We do not use any other treatment for our bees rather than help them to improve there hygienic natural way of resistance to diseases as survival skills given them by mother Nature. It is the whole system of different treatments we practice since 1981 when we start up our commercial operation in Russia.

1. Biological group of treatments based on biology of Apis melifera and parasites (drone sealed brood cut off, broodless mode of colony, renew brood combs every second year e.c.)

2. Selection

3. Essentional oils, different plants

4. Mechanical way of treatment (design of the hive and design of the MODULES - big extention space undo brood chamber, screen bottom, small hive entrance, high hives elevation, "chimney" effect on ventilation of the hive which allowed treat bees in commercial way very effective e.c.)


  • Wildflower honey - 1lb
  • Sourwood Honey - 1lb
  • Sourwood Honey-Comb - 1lb
  • 8oz Jar Pure Bee Pollen
  • Propolis spray
  • Propolis & Seabuckthorn Oil Spray
  • Neem Coldpressed Oil
  • 8oz Rejuvenation Cocktail (Pollen, Apitherapy Honey, Royal Jelly)



Fermented mix of Bee Pollen, Raw Honey and Propolis.

Bee Pollen fermented with Raw Honey is a Bee Product ready for usage, very easy to digest and can be used both internally and externally (like a paste) for energy (metabolism) increase, immune system build up, skin care, and beauty product.

This product is very close by its properties to naturally made by Honey Bees known as Bee Bread to feed young bees, - very rich of enzymes, nutrition and ferments.

Your first aid to fight allergies!

Where you can buy our products:

  • 1. The Sound of Music, Buford, (678) 725-8329
  • 2. North Georgia Health Center, Buford, next to Wall-Mart
  • 3. Juce Bar, Sugar Hill next to Quality Food, (678) 714-7747
  • 4. Russel Ridge Animal Hospital, Lawrenceville, (678) 407-0700
  • 5. Specialized Piano, Lawrenceville, (770) 910-7181
  • 6. Garrard Automotives, Buford, (770) 932-2181
  • 7. Renaissance Medical Center, Roswell Rd., Atlanta, (678) 320-9626
  • 8. Martial Art Center, Buford, (770) 403-5152
  • 9. Dr.Chris' Natural Remedies Advance Clinical Nutrition,

    Snellville, (770) 979-5425

  • 10. Gravel Springs Nursery, 2319 Gravel Springs Road, Buford, GA 30519, (770) 932-3313
  • 11. Peachtree Natural Foods, 1630 Scenic Hwy 124 SW Suit V, Snellville GA 30078, (770) 982-4989


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